Quiz Kit Setup Guide

Quiz Kit allows you to create and host your own live interactive gameshows on Twitch; with your audience playing in real-time as the contestants. Quiz Kit is 100% free, mobile friendly and supports tens of thousands of concurrent players!

Quiz Kit Video Tutorial

Installing the Extension

  • Open the Stream Manager, and on the left menu navigate to Extensions.

  • Press the My Extensions sub-heading.

  • Under Quiz Kit press Activate and select an overlay.

Creating a Quiz

  • On the My Extensions page, press the cog icon for Quiz Kit to open the config panel.

  • Press Create/Edit Quiz.

  • Press + to begin a new quiz.

  • Choose a title and game mode.

  • Input your questions and answers.

  • Save your quiz!

Hosting a Game Show

  • Open the Stream Manager and press the Quiz Kit panel on the right.

  • Select Your Quizzes / Ready Made Quizzes.

  • Choose a quiz.

  • Press Start Quiz to begin the show!

  • Wait for your viewers to select their answer.

  • Reveal the correct answer.

  • Show the scores.

  • Start the next question!

Final tip: Your viewers names won't be shown by default, so encourage them to authorize the extension by pressing the Quiz Kit logo on the right side of the stream and clicking Allow Access.

That's it!

You're now all set to host your own trivia game shows! If you need anything from us, feel free to reach out at info@codices.io or join our Discord.

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