QuizKit, The future of Game shows

Have you ever wanted to host your own game shows?

Are you looking to connect with your community in a way never before seen on Twitch? 

Do you want to increase Bits revenue and give your viewers a new way to support the stream? 

If so then Quiz Kit is the Twitch extension for you.

Tailor questions specifically to your stream or favorite game, test your community and see who really knows you the best!

Where apps such as Quiplash did well in creating an enjoyable experience, it often left many viewers feeling ostracised.

Unlike other game show applications on Twitch, Quiz Kit will see no viewer left out, 

Quiz Kit combats this by including everyone, Play with up to 35000 of your viewers and get closer to your community than ever before! 

With Monetisation, as a viewer you can now support your favorite streamers in a new way, buying into each game with bits increases the ways you can thank your favorite streamer for their hard work and entertainment 

Just search Quiz Kit in the extensions tab and become the host of your own game show today!

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