Bring the lurkers out of the woodwork

                                                     with exciting live quizzes

                                                            designed by you.

               Why choose Quiz Kit?


Your viewers can no support you in a completely new way.

By buying into each game using Bits, viewers now have a new way to thank you for all your hard work.

Advertise your game and then when the time comes to play watch as the bar fills with those ever important Bitties.

When the bar is full it's time to play.

Providing your audience with awesome and personalized prizes can help to increase Bits revenue.

By choosing the minimum Bits buy in, you decide the stakes for your communities entry to the quiz

Quiz Kit provides Twitch streamers with everything they need to set up their own live Custom HQ Trivia style shows.

Simply search the extensions tab for Quiz Kit and enable it on your stream to get started.

Remember, You may only have 1 active overlay extension at a time so you will need to disable any active overlay extensions to add Quiz Kit to your stream. 

Simplistic and Intuitive design makes       tailoring custom live Quizzes easy

Quiz Kit is everything you need to host your own live quiz shows!


Tailor quizzes to your community, your games, Heck make it about your uncle Jim’s wooden wrist and host a quiz that will have your viewers play with each other instead of themselves.

By customizing Quizzes to tie in with your community you can see an increase in chat activity by up to 126% 

Give your Quiz a personal touch to see audience growth!

Set up in minutes and only takes a short time to play, Quiz Kit really will give your                      stream something unique to help you engage with your audience!

Being able to customize 5 shows at a time means your viewers won't go hungry in their thirst for knowledge.

With games averaging around 10-15 minutes each, Quiz Kit has been proven to bolster interactions between streamers and viewers. Without deviating from their regularly scheduled shows

Scheduling weekly shows has proven to grow communities


Host a Quiz today and watch how eager your viewers will be to take part and prove themselves more learned than their chat compatriots 

What do streamers think of Quiz Kit?

Streamers of all sizes have seen fantastic results using Quiz Kit. NymN, a streamer of around 2500 concurrents has had such good results he has hosted weekly shows since Quiz Kit's launch

Recent scale tests show that around 35000 users could take part per show.


Proving Quiz Kit has got what it takes to bring HQ Trivia style game shows to Twitch's largest communities.

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