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Ask It Guide

Create unique and fun moments in your stream by enabling viewers to create their own polls for the chat for Bits. With Ask It you set the amount of Bits, the viewer creates the question, and the audience selects their answers.


Watch chat go wild!

1. Install the extension

  • Go to the My Extensions sub-heading.

  • Activate the extension as an Overlay on your stream.


2. Add the overlay

  • On the My Extensions page, press the cog icon for Ask It to open the config panel.

  • Copy the URL created for your channel.

  • Create a new browser source in your streaming software.

  • Paste in the URL.

  • Save the overlay.


You have now set up and configured the Ask It extension for your stream. You can edit how many Bits you want each question to be traded for in the configuration screen above. Below is a guide on how the viewers use with the extension while you make bits!

That's it!

  • Press the Ask It logo on the right of the stream (or under the stream on mobile).

  • Type in the question and answers.

  • Hit Ask Question.

  • Confirm the Bits Payment and wait for your poll to show on Stream!

1. Create a poll


2. Answer a poll

When a question comes in:

  • Press the Ask It logo on the right of the stream (or under the stream on mobile).

  • Select an answer.

  • Wait for the results to come in!


That's it!

Final tip: Want to host your own trivia game-show on Twitch? Check out Quiz Kit!

If you need anything else from us, feel free to reach out at our email or join our Discord server below.

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